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Ceylebrity is not just a company, Ceylebrity is a Lifestyle

Company Registration No – WC8986


That’s the CEYLEBRITY.COM Founded by twin brothers Samadhi Subasinghe & Senadhi Subasinghe. They’ve been scouring the globe since 2021 discovering obscure, unusual brands that you’ve probably never heard of as well as carefully curating the brands you love. Our branded wears says a lot about you and helps you stand out. It’s time for you to be unique. CEYLEBRITY is the fastest growing business of 21st century.


It is with great pride and immense pleasure we introduce our latest product of CEYLEBRITY BRAND, in the CEYLEBRITY PVT LTD line-up, to you which will revolutionize the industry. It is indeed the best products we have ever launched products. It is also currently the best in its price band available in the market today. Our claims are not biased by self-judgment but rather on clients and vendors who have tested out the product.

Cash On Delivery, Bank Transfer, Online Banking (Credit Card / Debit Card).

Everything And Anything In One Place For Everyone And To Become The Worldwide Leader Of Everything

We implore you to try out our new product line-up in our centers and assure you that you would be awestruck with the results it will produce. Our Sales Executive would get in touch with you to tell you in detail about our product and its new features. As the number one selling independent online store, we plan to stay true to our core mission.

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